When Is the Best Time to Upload a YouTube Video?

With social media, timing is everything. Posting a video at the right time can have a huge effect on how well the video penetrates your target audience. Creating an awesome and engaging video but posting it at a time that results in few views can be a frustrating endeavor.

Fortunately, determining the best time to upload a YouTube video does not have to be a guessing game at all. Users only need to turn to the wide array of analytics available to see the operative times for high levels of traffic. With YouTube, the best time to upload can vary based on several factors. Let’s take a look at some guidance regarding how to approach this.

Best Time to Upload YouTube Videos

There are many factors to consider. However, it is likely best to start with the most common question which is the best time of the day to upload to YouTube. As one could imagine, this tends to vary a bit depending upon whether the video is being posted on a weekday or a weekend. With a large part of the population working Monday – Friday, it makes sense that the week and weekend have different patterns in viewership.

First, consider weekdays. YouTube tends to follow a similar viewership pattern as network television. The views tend to surge in the evenings between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. This shouldn’t be overly surprising as this is when people have had time to get home from work and unwind a bit before jumping on social media. This may lead you to think that 7 p.m. is the best time to upload to YouTube. However, that would be incorrect.

In reality, the best time to upload on YouTube is between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. But if traffic begins to surge a few hours later, wouldn’t a user be better served to wait a few hours to upload a YouTube video? To understand the discrepancy here, we must first understand how YouTube sequences content.

You probably know that sites like Google use web crawlers to find and sequence information from web pages. YouTube does the same for videos. This process is not instantaneous. Thus, if someone were to upload a video at 7 p.m., it would not be indexed until after the evening surge was declining. Thus, the best time to upload YouTube videos during weekdays is between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to ensure that they are properly sequenced in time for the evening rush.

But what about weekends? What is the best time to upload YouTube videos on Saturday and Sunday? Here, we need to take a look at the traffic data once again. Research has demonstrated that traffic on these days tends to peak earlier, typically between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. With more people not working these days, usage patterns are a bit different.

As you would imagine, the best time to upload a YouTube video on weekends is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Again, this allows time for the video to be indexed before the daily surge begins.

Is This Always the Best Time to Upload?

In general, these traffic trends have been relatively established; however, there are exceptions. For example, on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, traffic patterns are much more unpredictable as behavior changes due to people’s days being much less standard.

However, there is also another thing to consider when determining the best time to upload to YouTube. That is the particular audience for your YouTube channel. This could pose an issue in situations where the typical schedule is not one held by your audience. This is most likely a consideration for niche YouTube channels that have a subset of an audience.

For example, if you have a YouTube channel geared towards new mothers, it would be likely that your viewership may exhibit different trends than the averages as new mothers, even those that work a typical schedule, likely have taken maternity leave and could be more likely to watch during the middle of the day while their child naps.

Additionally, if your platform is geared towards college students, you may find that this group has slightly different viewership patterns. Maybe they tend to view a few hours later than the average. How does someone adjust to these issues? Simply turn to your Analytics.

YouTube Analytics is easy to access. Simply log into your account, click on your profile icon, click YouTube Studio, and click Analytics. This will provide direct insight into your channel metrics. You will be able to sort your views in a variety of ways, allowing you to confirm whether or not these trends fit with your specific audience.

What is the Best Day to Upload on YouTube?

The most successful YouTubers usually upload several times a week with some even uploading daily. However, if you want to focus on uploading just a few times per week, or if you want to ensure a video you’re very proud of gets optimal engagement, it is helpful to know the days of the week that tend to receive the highest viewership.

Data has shown that users become more active on the Internet in general, and social media in particular, as the weekend approaches. People tend to start getting more restless towards the end of the workweek and are also more likely to have free time.

On YouTube, engagement tends to begin peaking on Thursday and Friday. Thus, these are the best days to upload a YouTube video. Additionally, a video uploaded on Thursday and Friday may go viral by the weekend. These are the reasons why many of the top creators will tend to find the best time to upload to YouTube is just before the weekend hits. Conversely, the worst days are earlier in the week. Again, it is important to check your metrics to determine if your audience differs from the norm.

Final Thoughts

YouTubers want to find the best to upload a YouTube video. Fortunately, data analytics can inform us exactly when to do that to optimally engage with our audiences. Uploading videos between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays and between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. on weekends allows for videos to be indexed before the daily surge of traffic. Additionally, Thursdays and Fridays are the preferred days to upload in terms of viewership. Checking your metrics can confirm these trends for your channel. Contact Carefree Consulting for youtube help.

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