What is a Good Clickthrough Rate for Facebook Ads?

Clickthrough rate facebook ads

If you are like many people, you have found that the world of modern marketing can be a bit overwhelming at times. Particularly with the addition of social media, marketing is now much more complex and much more targeted than ever. Additionally, there are far more metrics involved in marketing than ever before espesially for Facebook ads. Understanding these is critical for evaluating the success of your business’ campaigns. 

One of the frequent metrics discussed is something known as clickthrough rate. You’ve probably heard references to clickthrough rates on Facebook ads. Let’s take a look at clickthrough rates, what a good rate is, and strategies for improving this metric for your business. 

What Does Clickthrough Rate Mean for Facebook Ads?

Clickthrough rate is a term that deals with online advertising. It refers to the number of people who see an ad that clicks on it. For Facebook, it refers to the percentage of people who see your ad that clicks on it. This is calculated by the following formula: (the number of total clicks divided by several people shown ad) times 100. 

Let’s create an ad that gets 10,000 impressions and a total of 400 clicks. By this formula, your clickthrough rate would be 4%. In other words, out of every 100 people that saw your ad, 4 clicked on it. 

What is a Good Clickthrough Rate for a Facebook Ad? 

To answer this question, it is best to turn to market research. You are hoping to perform on par with or above averages. The average clickthrough rate on Facebook varies from industry to industry. The average across all industries is 0.90%, less than one click per 100 impressions. Specific average clickthrough rates by sector include:

  • Technology (1.6%)
  • Apparel (1.2%)
  • Fitness (1.0%)
  • Travel (0.9%)
  • Automotive (0.8%)
  • Job Training (0.5%)

As can be seen, these rates can vary quite a bit from one area to another; however, out of the 17 areas surveyed, all had average clickthrough rates between 0.5% and 1.6%. 

However, the average clickthrough rate on Facebook ads includes all ads such as those created by individual businesses. Instead, to gauge performance, it is best to benchmark against better-performing ads. Professional marketers tend to report an average clickthrough rate on Facebook ads ranging from 2% to 5%. Thus, the recommended target range for a good performing Facebook ad involves a clickthrough rate of 2-5%. 

How Do I Find my Clickthrough Rate? 

This is a relatively easy process once you know where to go. Begin by logging into your Facebook Ads Manager. Once in, follow these steps:

  1. Click onto the tab for “Ads.” 
  2. Select the timeline you want to assess. 
  3. From the “Columns” dropdown menu, select “Performance and Clicks.”
  4. Move the view to the right until you see “CTR (All).” 

This shows your clickthrough rate on each of your ads. It is easy to find metric and an effective one to use to gauge the performance of your ad campaign. 

How Do I Increase Clickthrough Rate for Facebook Ads? 

When it comes down to it, this is the question that most people are wanting to answer. Increasing clickthrough rates can help the budget by creating a declining cost per click. It can also ensure that you’re able to attract more customers efficiently. Here are some suggestions for how to increase your clickthrough rate for Facebook ads:

Better Targeting Facebook Ads.

How well do you know your audience? If you don’t know them very well, you may have problems targeting your ads as you could be sending ads to people who have no interest in your company. Facebook allows for microtargeting of ads which means identifying the types of customers who will be most interested in your services. This lets you ensure that your ads are going to people who are already interested in what you offer. 

Be Visually Engaging.

Ask any marketer, and they will tell you one of the first steps for a successful Facebook ad is to get the viewer’s attention. Thus, using compelling images is one way of attracting attention. Think of what Facebook feeds typically look like: strings of static images. Strive to provide something different such as a video, GIF, or infographic. This can help you stand out and draw attention. 

Write Engaging Copy.

Want to get your audience’s attention? Engage them with your writing. This can take several forms. One of the most successful is to lead by asking a question, which can spur thinking and engagement. You can also add viewer attributes in Facebook Ads. For example, “If you live in Cincinnati, …”  This is an easy thing to add on Facebook since ads are hyper-targeted, meaning that you can ensure that this ad only goes to people who do live in Cincinnati. This strategy can result in large increases in clickthrough rates. 

Engage in Testing.

Every marketer’s friend is data. However, many small businesses do not actively test their ads. This can be a powerful way of improving clickthrough rates though. Test ads by creating two identical Facebook ads with only one thing changed between them. Maybe it is the type of font, color, or targeted audience. Seeing which one performs better will enable you to understand how to better target ads in the future. Over time and many trials, you will learn what things are preferred by your audience. 

Final Thoughts

Modern marketing has given birth to many different metrics that need to be effectively leveraged to enhance the performance of ad campaigns. While social media has provided a wealth of options to target customers, it has also provided much more data that can be used to effectively benchmark performance. 

Effectively taking advantage of this data, including clickthrough rates, can help you to better target your ad campaigns. The ease of accessing the data provides organizations with a powerful tool. Evaluate your current ad campaigns to attain a clickthrough rate of at least 2-5%. Next, test out strategies to improve.

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