The Best Time to Run Facebook Ads

Facebook is far and away from the most popular social media site for businesses to market to customers with the majority of marketers using Facebook to advertise. It is no surprise when you look at the data as three-fourths of Facebook users log into the site at least daily with over half visiting several times each day.

Additionally, Facebook provides numerous options that allow businesses to specifically target their ads using microtargeting, which can greatly enhance the reach and allow for an incredibly detailed marketing campaign. However, one question that seems to be asked most often is when is the best time to run Facebook ads. To answer this, it is important to look at the data.

Best Time to Run Facebook Ads

If you are looking for a one size fits all solution towards the best time of day to run Facebook ads, the unfortunate reality is there isn’t one. Each business is different, and each ad is targeted to a different subset of users. Thus, posting an ad during the time the most users are engaged in Facebook may not necessarily also be posting it at a time the target demographic is engaged.

However, it does help to get a sense of what data says about when people use Facebook. You may have heard that the best time to post on Facebook for a general click-through rate is Sunday. This was true at one point; however, it has changed since Facebook shifted their algorithm.

Currently, the highest days for click-through rate for business-to-business brands are Monday and Tuesday while the best day for business-to-customer brands is Tuesday. This was confirmed by research from two different organizations. However, if Facebook shifts their algorithm again in the future, this has the potential to change again.

Research further showed that the most effective times to post for business-to-business brands were weekdays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. while the most effective time to post for business-to-customer brands was Noon when most people are taking lunch. Data from E-Bay and PayPal confirmed this, noting that 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. was their biggest time of day for processing online shopping transactions. If you are looking for a general guideline, this is a good place to start. A business-to-customer firm could try targeting ads at Noon on Tuesdays.

How Do I Find the Best Time to Run Facebook Ads for My Business

If you want to be more intentional with your marketing, you are going to have to dig a little deeper to determine the best time of day to run Facebook ads. Several strategies can be used to do this.

First, take advantage of Facebook Analytics. This tool provides a wealth of information about your audience’s behavior and demographics that can help you fine-tune your marketing. Check the performance of individual posts to see what times received the highest level of engagement. This is an effective way to help determine what times to target in your marketing operations. Facebook analytics will also show you when your audience is most active on Facebook, another important tool for planning marketing.

Facebook Pixel is another important tool that can be leveraged to determine the best time to run Facebook ads. Pixel can be used to track things like conversions or conversion rate, which can enhance the power of the data that you gather. These can be utilized to more efficiently schedule your ads going forward.

Another strategy to fine-tune your advertising is to engage in some testing. You can post the same ad on a variety of different days and times. Then, using Facebook Analytics and Facebook Pixel, you can compare the views, conversions, and conversion rates for each period. This will provide definitive data that helps you understand the best time of day to run Facebook ads.

Another method of gearing your advertising is to do some benchmarking. What do we mean by this? Simply engage in a little competitor analysis. Identify leading competitors in your business area and follow their Facebook business pages. Then, start noting when they are releasing their ads. Are there times when your audience is active and your competitors don’t post? This is probably a good time to run ads on Facebook because it will provide you with less competition.

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How to Best Optimize this Information

Once you have a good idea of when your target audience is active and the times that you want to run an advertising campaign on Facebook, it is time to schedule your ads. Here, there are a few keys to follow to ensure that your data does not go to waste.

First, when scheduling your ad campaign, make sure not to click “Run ads all the time.” This is an easy oversight but will defeat your hard work. Instead, make sure “Run ads on a schedule” is selected. You’ll also input the times that you want to run ads. You can select virtually any time range organized by day of the week. This is where your research comes into play.

Your best time of day to run ads on Facebook may vary by a day or be the same each day. You’ll know from your research and data. Go ahead and select ads to run at times your customer base is most active and times that prior posts performed well. Now, simply set your ads and your budget and let the campaign go.

Again, remember that you should check metrics after each campaign to measure performance and potentially alter decision-making for the next campaign. The good thing about data with Facebook ads is that it provides a wealth of information that will help you continually improve how well you target your audience. Many businesses neglect to take a data-driven approach which can give you a distinct advantage.

Final Thoughts

Weekdays, particularly Mondays and Tuesdays, appear to be the best general marketing days on Facebook. Business to business sellers tend to see results from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. while business to customer organizations see the best returns from Noon to 1 p.m. However, these general averages will not apply to every organization or campaign.

You must know your audience to determine the best time to run ads on Facebook for your organization. Use tools like Facebook Analytics and Facebook Pixel to fine-tune your marketing strategy by seeing what times posts perform well and what times your business’s audience is active on the platform. Contact Carefree Consulting for Facebook Ads help.

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