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Due to the launch of Facebook’s new policy for business, Instagram has become the central hub of business and gaining some brand visibility in the virtual world. Either it is a family business or a global brand, everyone is striving to grow their Instagram accounts. Almost 500 million people log on to Instagram each day. This means that the exposure the businesses are getting is enormous. Out of these 500 million, about 400 million people follow at least one business account. So, making money off their Instagram accounts is a natural thing for business.

So, if you want to grow your account at a massive level and want to dip your fingers in honey, first off, you will need strong, mature, and loyal followers. Apart from that, the second thing you should focus on is the number of views your post will be getting. Everyone knows that “CONTENT IS KING.” Therefore you should post content that can keep your audience engaged. By doing this, not only will you get great engagement but followers too. But the inherent question here is that, how can you grow your Instagram fan following? Well, we have got all the answers that will help you get started.

Ten proven techniques to grow your Instagram

Before going deep into the topic, you should know that these days growth hacking is crucial. People see-People Buy. A large chunk of followers looks good on social media. Apart from that, you can monetize your accounts by advertising for brands and yourself. If your account has a massive fan following and your reach and engagement rate are substantial, relevant brands will be happy to work with you. So, brands will talk money with you. *winks* Here are 10 tips that will get you started.

1. Post creative content

As I said earlier, content is king. Instagram is all about looks. So if you post creative content with great visuals, it is a 100 percent guarantee that people will like and comment on it. You can choose from several Instagram posting techniques such as photos, short videos, IGTV videos, and Instagram stories. That is why it is advised that you should use vivid colors and must include frames in your photos. Instead of selling products like a street hawker, you should create your stories and post stuff around these products. Take, an example, Airbnb weaves stories like no others in their niche. Not only do they promote traveling, but they motivate people to discover different cities around the globe by staying with the locals. Incite curiosity among people so that people just don’t swipe up but like and comment too.

2. Use the relevant hashtags

Not many people know that hashtags are not the trends but are a way to reach people who are not following you. That is why you must choose the right hashtags if you want to target the right audience. Let us assume that you are creating content relating to FIFA matches. You shouldn’t just use #Football because the hashtag you are using is too broad. Instead, be more concise and use #FIFA, #FIFAWORLDCUP, etc. Find tags that are more in line with your post. This will not only grow your fan base on Instagram, but you will be getting maximum exposure on Instagram because the competition in these hashtags will be pretty low.

3. Post regularly and show consistency

Research has shown that consistent posting is necessary to get the outreach that you are expecting. Social media such as Instagram give more value to the accounts that are posting regularly, depending on their engagement rate. So, post regularly or post at regular intervals. The key to success is not the hard work but the smart work. All you need is some patience, and you are good to go.

4. Encourage your followers to create content too.

Posting at regular intervals or regularly can leave your mind dry, as you will run out of ideas if you haven’t planned it. But even if you run out of ideas, use them in your favor. Instead of feeding your audience, start encouraging them to create content. All you have to do is encourage them to create photos, videos, and stories with your products. Launch a branded hashtag meant only for your business and let things flow. This is the most innovative way out there, as people will start selling your product too.

5. Organize contests

People love freebies, and that is what you must do. To grow your Instagram account, you should arrange contests and give away free products. This will motivate your audience to engage with your posts, and the Instagram algorithm will automatically detect the engagement rate. In turn, it will elevate and promote your Instagram account to other people too. Show some creativity with your contest ideas.

6. Collaboration is THE KEY!

Another great way to grow your Instagram audience in collaboration with the influencers. If you want to go big in little time, collaborate with influencers on Instagram. Believe me when I say people trust influencers more than they trust your products. So, if the endorsement is coming from an influencer’s account, you will get the maximum exposure, as you will be talking directly to their fans at once, meaning they will hear you.

7. Post content at the optimal time

Posting on your Instagram can impact your engagement levels. A study showed that the optimal days for posting are from Tuesday to Friday, and the posts must be published between 9 am to 6 pm to get the maximum engagement from people. On Thursdays, 5 am, 11 am, and 3 pm are the times when the reach is massive as more people are online at these times on Instagram. For Wednesdays, the study recommended posting and 3 pm, and on Fridays, one must post on their Instagram at around 5 am.Advertise on Instagram

8. Geo-Tag your posts

The main thing about Instagram is that advertisements on Instagram don’t look alien such as on other social media websites. Advertisements on Instagram are just like regular Instagram posts so that people don’t get bombarded with promotions, as such. There are four advertising formats to choose from: photo ads, carousel ads, video ads, and slideshows. The only addition in these advertisement posts will be the label “sponsored” written on the top of the post. This is a great way to promote your Instagram account to the target audience.

9. Engagement is crucial!

By doing this, your followers will know from where you are posting a particular photo or a video. The primary purpose of posting with geo-tags is to target an audience from a specific area. You can geo-tag your posts in which you are talking about events. This is a simple Instagram trick that can boost your Instagram engagement rates. Get more publicity by geotagging your posts.

10. Pro-Tips

You should post content that draws attention, and your captions should motivate people to engage. The caption space in your Instagram post allows you to tell stories that your photo cant. Work on your writing skills before writing captions. Use Emojis to engage your followers, ask people about how their weekend was. You can ask your audience any question as soon as it is relevant. Make your audience feel valued. Another thing that you should keep in mind is to avoid automated messages. Most businesses do this, and it is wrong on so many levels. People like the human touch to everything; they are interested in your brand and you, not the product. So give them something valuable, feed them words, and you will see your Instagram will start getting the boost that it deserves.

Apart from all these things, be open to criticism, stay polite and friendly. Be courteous while replying to messages. Avoid any shortcoming such as late replies etc. Growing your Instagram requires a ton of effort and tolerance. The results will take time to show. But believe me, your Instagram account will grow to its maximum heights. In the meantime, keep doing awesome!

How to Grow your Instagram

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