How to Grow Your Facebook Page

While Twitter is great for interaction and Instagram is trendy, Facebook remains the most important social media network for marketing businesses. This is because this network is multifaceted and has an extensive number of users. There are 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook. That’s nearly a third of the world’s population all on one social network.

Thus, many companies want to grow their following on Facebook to better reach prospective customers. For existing companies who have had a page for many years, adding followers may be a bit easier. However, if you’re starting a new page, you may be facing some difficulties. Five years ago, there wasn’t a lot of competition, and pages could grow rather organically. That is not the case presently. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to grow your Facebook business page.

1. Block Fake Followers

This may seem like an odd bit of advice. After all, even if a follower is fake, won’t it make your page look better by inflating the numbers? It certainly will give you more total likes, but it will also hurt your ability to reach your customers. Why is this? Only about 5% of your followers will see each of your posts due to Facebook’s algorithm dynamics. 

Therefore, if a lot of your followers are fake and are selected to see your posts; fewer real people are seeing them. Additionally, Facebook uses engagement with your posts to determine how much reach future posts will have. Fake followers mean that fewer people will engage, and your reach will continue to decline.

2. Use Clear, Specific Calls to Action

Whether we are talking about a post you make on your Facebook business page or a blog posted on your website, you want to end with a clear, specific call to action. For example, for a Facebook post about a specific product, you may ask viewers to click the link to learn more about the product. This will increase engagement with your post and ensure future ones are seen by more people.

For a blog posted on your website, end by encouraging readers to follow your Facebook page with a link. This is one way to grow your Facebook page fast. Practicing calls to action is an important way to enhance the effectiveness of your online content.

3. Tell a Unique Story

If you look at most brands, their Facebook business page is essentially a carbon copy of their website. Same information, same tone. The problem with this is it simply brings your existing audience onto Facebook rather than expanding your audience. While this can be effective for growing your Facebook page, it won’t necessarily translate to increased market reach, which is the reason why you are growing a Facebook business page in this place, right?

The solution to this is quite simple: You should create custom content for each of your social networks. On Facebook, this entails sharing longer-form posts, interesting images, and asking questions that can engage the audience. You should focus on loading your Facebook page with unique angles that highlight the personality of your business. If you want to grow your Facebook page organically, you have to give people a reason to follow. This means giving them something new and unique. But most importantly, keep it authentic. 

4. Respond to the Comments!

This is one of the most common mistakes people make on Facebook. Businesses put so much effort into building a Facebook page and then fail to engage with their customers. This, simply, is a bad practice. Let’s think about it. The people who are commenting on your Facebook posts are taking time out of their day to engage with your company. Respond!

This is particularly important if someone is asking for information. There is nothing more frustrating than asking a question and hearing crickets. But you should respond to other comments as well. No response makes a customer feel like they don’t matter, and all customers want to feel valued. People are busy, but this is something that is incredibly valuable and can increase the odds that people will continue to follow and engage with your content.

5. Comment on Other Pages as Your Business Page

This particular tip is not one that necessarily comes to mind for most people. However, a fairly innovative trick for how to grow your followers on a Facebook page involves commenting on other pages as your business page (as opposed to using your account). When you comment, you can select whether to comment as you or your business.

Identify approximately 10-15 active Facebook pages that fit well with your business goals. These should be things that have similar audiences as the audience you target. Think things like periodicals, organizations, or maybe the local government or community pages for a small business. The type of pages will differ based on your business. Next, try to frequently comment on these pages’ stories from your business’ perspective. Make sure you target posts that are less than two hours old as the typical post has a relatively short shelf life.

Grow Facebook FB page

6. Advertise

Many people want to discover how to grow their Facebook page for free, so this option may not be something ideal for your business. However, advertising does have some benefits. First, it is a convenient way to get a message in front of a new audience. Secondly, Facebook has options that allow you to target highly specialized audiences. Finally, it is relatively affordable, particularly when compared to traditional advertising methods.

The main drawback is that advertising on Facebook will not have an extensive success rate. However, it can be an effective way to introduce your page to people looking for your services. Again, telling a compelling story is critical here. Think about intriguing images and posts that can draw attention and catch someone’s eye.

Final Thoughts

Facebook business pages are important methods for targeting a new audience and creating engagement. When done well, they will result in greatly strengthening your brand and building your reach. Learning how to grow your Facebook page can be an incredibly difficult task; however, there are tried and tested strategies that you can incorporate to increase your followers on your Facebook business page.

As we’ve noted, the key is to create a Facebook business page that your customers will want to follow. Give them something new and unique that stands out. Above all else, be transparent as that works well at creating a social media following. Your Facebook business page should have its vibe in how it communicates information to others. Following these techniques will allow you to begin to grow your Facebook page organically. OR Contact Carefree Consulting to take care of your facebook page.

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