How To Get Started With Dropshipping


If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, starting a dropshipping business could be your first big step. Dropshipping business will not only sell your products to the customers, but you will also have the power to set up the prices yourself. In this way, you will make your brand and soon be the top choice for your customers in the niche that you are dealing in. The main benefit of starting a dropshipping business is that you don’t have to pay for the inventory until it is sold to the actual customer. That is why if you put in some hard work and give proper time to your business, you will soon surpass your competitors and will become more successful than the success stories that you hear and read about.

The six-step plan of a dropshipping business

1. Choose a dropshipping idea.

If we are being truthful, what you are selling, matters a lot. That is why it is advised that you give yourself some time to brainstorm and find some out-of-the-box ideas for your new business. People will mostly tell you to pick the ideas and niches that you are interested in or you are passionate about. But in reality, picking what you are passionate about can lead to a very bad experience. That is why we advise you to choose a niche that will be profitable for you in the future. Don’t rely on half-baked ideas. You can start being passionate about all you want when the money starts pouring in. Another thing that you need to consider while choosing a dropshipping idea is that you should invest your time and money in the business in which other people have invested too because it is not logical to invest your money in a niche that has no competitors.

2. Competitor analysis

After deciding your niche, the next thing that you need to do is do a competitor analysis to find out who your real competitors are, what they are selling except the product that you are selling, and how they are selling their items. You can do the competitor research by going to Google and type in the product you will sell. In this way, you will get to know who else is selling the product. By getting results from Google, you will also find out new ways to sell your product. You can also derive out other people’s ideas of marketing and incorporate those ideas to your advantage. Get to know your competitor’s content and copy-write their tags as its taglines will get you more customers and boost up your business’s image as a brand.

3. Find a supplier

Finding a supplier has never been so much easier since all of the business gets done online these days. You can find suppliers easily on ALIBABA and ALIEXPRESS. You can also view their ratings, the reviews left by other people, and how long has been the supplier has been on the platform. Create a list of potential suppliers that you will narrow down according to your need at a later stage. Contact each of these suppliers and ask them questions about the product quality, the minimum order limit, shipping costs, shipping times, and other related questions. A perfect way to choose the best supplier of all is to ask for sample order, compare each product’s specs, and then make a final decision. When selecting the supplier, keep the needs and wants of your customer in mind.

Build a dropshipping business store

There are few things to consider before creating a dropshipping business store. First of all, consider working on your domain name. Your domain name should be your top-most priority if you are building your business for a longer term. Use a domain name that is in line with your business image, as it will lead to your brand identity later. Always use a .com domain. Don’t be too specific while picking out your keyword. Avoid using your name as your store name unless you are famous or are a celebrity. 

5. Market your dropshipping business

Finally, your dropshipping store is up and running. Now it is time to spend some money on its marketing. Marketing your business is crucial to your success. That is why you should invest your time and money in this like there is no tomorrow. Making minor tweaks in your store will not help you. You need to make sure that you are spending your time and sweat on something that will bring you the desired results. The first item that you will sell will bring you unmeasurable joy. That is why you shouldn’t be scared of putting yourself out there. Here are some best marketing ideas that you must undertake if you want to succeed out there.

  • Facebook and Instagram marketing is the best option for you if you are new to internet marketing. It might be tempting for you to blow $100 on something that might not benefit you at first. But here is the thing, keep your budget low, create multiple ads, target a specific audience, and keep your ads costs lower because this way, you will learn how to market your products in the future. Apart from that, you can expand your budget once the money starts pouring in.
  • If you have a tight budget, I would like to suggest you retargeting ads. This will keep your business costs lower and will work great for you if you receive loads of traffic on your website. These are better than Facebook ads and are considerably cheaper than other marketing strategies.

Optimize accordingly

Once you have spent enough of your time building a dropshipping business, and have succeeded in making it a brand, have spent enough money to market it, now is the time to finally calculate the outcome of all of this hard work. You might see that you undertook some marketing strategies that were proven to be beneficial for your business. In contrast, some of the strategies did not get you the desired results. You might also see that your competitors are selling similar products such as yours at a lower price. But this is not the end of the world. Always look to optimize your dropshipping store according to the latest trends and be active in doing so. You can incorporate tools like analytics or google console to find out how much traffic you are getting. This will help you in assessing that whether you are making progress or not. Use email marketing to your advantage, and spend time on social media. Always reply to the messages and inquiries of your customers. 


Starting a dropshipping business has never been so much easier. We added all the details in our article about how you can start from an idea and make it a brand. If you apply some of the advice that we told you into practice, you will soon be able to build an online dropshipping empire. Believe us when we say that dropshipping business has the lowest risk of all the online business. It is cost-friendly and is full of opportunities.

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