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Amazon is a widely used platform for business purposes. If you want to start an Amazon FBA business, this article will help you in getting started. We will try to elaborate on every step in detail and tell you all the vital steps necessary to become a success story on Amazon. Let’s take a start.

Create a business plan

To start a successful FBA business on Amazon, first of all, you need to make a plan to ensure that you are on the right track. Your business plan must include your mission, products, and other services, marketing & sales, as well as a financial plan. There are many other things to consider, such as market research, what’s trending, the product you are going to sell, as well as its promotion. Create a plan and give your business a start.

Find a comfortable niche.

To sell successfully on Amazon, your second step should be to find a niche as it is directly connected to your success. To run a successful, profitable business, you need to consider market research and find out the trending competitive products that align with your business interests. Find a selling point for your product or create a new selling point that is trending to make it a viral hit. It is strongly suggested not to spend your money on seasonal and fragile products because these products might incur losses.

Start market research

Once you have determined your niche, the next step is to verify it on the market by doing market research. Keep an eye over your competitor’s sales over a specific period because it will help you realize what is selling in the market and how different you can sell it. You can do market research by communicating with other sellers, suppliers, and customers who have already bought the product. You should also consider doing a survey. If the results are assuring that you will go big in the niche, then it is time that you should take the next step.

Identify product suppliers

After determining your niche and conducting market research, you should contact your product supplier. There are numerous ways to find suppliers’ information. But it is recommended that you should find suppliers on ALIBABA and other business-to-business platforms such as ALIEXPRESS. After a bit of research, you will find potential suppliers that will meet your business and financial needs. Extract their contact information and run a background check on them if it’s possible. 

Contact these suppliers and find the best option for you. Contact them by email, if it’s feasible, you can call them, and if possible, you should visit them. Avoid the scammers by doing background research and only considering them if you think they are legit. Ask them about samples, bulk price, minimum order price, order limit, quality of product, overall shipping charges, how much they can produce, etc. Narrow your research and proceed with your requirements.

Place orders

After choosing your suppliers, it is time to place an order. It is suggested that your first order shouldn’t be a large one. Take baby steps by placing small orders and test the waters by getting feedback from customers. Testing your products like this is a genuine way to test the market. Always be in contact with your supplier to avoid misunderstandings and try to stay updated on the products they are manufacturing. Keep the specifications in black and white to prevent revisions, and your order doesn’t get late. You should also be cautious about the quality of the product.

Register an Amazon FBA seller account

If you don’t have an Amazon seller account, it is advised that you should register yourself as an Amazon seller first. Amazon is offering two types of accounts these days, sell as an Amazon individual seller or as a pro seller. An Amazon individual seller account will cost you zero dollars per month, but they will deduct $1 on every product that you sell on their platform, while the latter account will cost you around $39.99 per month and will provide you additional features. Create an account that is in line with your budget.

Create product listings

To add your products to Amazon, you need to create product listings. For this purpose, use high-resolution images and make sure that these pictures are clear and clean. Ensure that the items you are selling fall into the quote of “prime eligible” so that you can enjoy free shipping options that are only available to prime members of the platform. You can also add your items manually if you don’t have many things. Create a spreadsheet if you have plenty of items, and it is hard for you to add them manually. Make sure that the information you are adding to your products is appealing. 

Always manage your inventory.

Amazon FBA merchants need to give special consideration to their stock. Maintaining stock levels is critical. Try to oversee and recharge your inventory appropriately. You must guarantee you have enough to sell and keep your item stock level accessible for your market and sales. Your stock level will diminish consequently on Amazon as orders are set. Guarantee that your stock level will be updated consistently to show the accessibility of the products on your item listing page. You can use a modern system or software to integrate your running inventory and stock information. If you find out that your stock is going to deplete soon, change your marketing plan, and try to renew your stock to avoid the “out of stock” message for potential customers.

Customer reviews should be followed up accordingly

As everyone knows, customers are the backbone of business; that is why their grievances are considered, and a proper reply to their reviews should be given. People are getting aware of online shopping these days, and they refer to the feedback left by previous customers to finalize their purchase of the products. That is why you should give importance to the feedback left by them. Consider selling quality products if you want people to leave positive feedback and comments.

Optimize product listings

Keep track of your sales and expand your business accordingly. Boost your traffic and sales by optimizing your product listings according to the latest trends in the market. This optimization should be a continuous process. Conduct research to find profitable keywords and add new descriptions after some time if you are not getting the desired results. Images are the backbone of product listings. Amazon allows seven images to be uploaded on their platform. That is why it is recommended that your images display the product’s actual size, and the design shown in the image must be in line with the product that the customer will receive. While adding a description and features of the product, use information that is beneficial for the customer. Use persuasive language and guarantee that your product is valuable and is useful for the consumer.


For beginners, being successful on Amazon is an arduous task. However, if you keep in mind the above tips and go according to the plan discussed above, there is nothing that will come your way from being successful. If selling items is hard for you and you are stuck, try purchasing some of them and leave positive reviews. Believe us, it helps. It is time for you to go ahead, as a successful future awaits.

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