The Best Time to Upload On Instagram and Facebook in 2021?

Instagram and Facebook - best time to upload posts in 2021

Due to the change in Facebook and Instagram algorithms over the past few years, it has become hard for Facebook and Instagram users to share posts visible to everyone. The new Facebook and Instagram algorithm gives the topmost priority to those posts which are shared by friends and family, making it difficult for the business posts to be visible to the general public. 

The business posts are added at the end of the queue. Apart from that, Facebook and Instagram also give less importance to posts that take people away from these apps or have direct links included in them. 

For you to be in the spotlight and for your business to succeed, you need to change your game. It includes choosing the perfect time to share posts on these platforms and targeting the audience that looks at their Facebook and Instagram profiles at a certain time while ensuring that it doesn’t overlap with the posting time of most Facebook and Instagrammers post their content.

Indeed, it is a puzzle that you want to upload your content when most people check their accounts, but at that time, your competitors will also try to upload the content. That is why, as an alternative, you should be focusing on uploading your content at a time when these platforms are quiet as there will be less competition at that particular time. This means that your reach will be low, but your business will have a loyal audience, and you will build your brand organically eventually. You can do the math yourself and find out which option works best for you. Do you want to go all-chips-in, or are you a person who can wait for your Facebook and Instagram audience to grow gradually?

Schedule your content and posts for at least one month, over multiple times. Note your engagement rate over this period and notice the trends for the best time on the best day.

The best time to upload on Facebook and Instagram

You might be hoping to find the exact and definitive time to upload your content on Facebook and Instagram. But unfortunately, life isn’t simple, as there are many variables attached.  Most of the research done to find out the best time to post on Facebook and Instagram has concluded that there is indeed a “perfect” time for you to upload your content on Facebook and Instagram. Just keep in mind that these times are dependent upon the time zone, and not every post uses the time zone mentioned above. Let us presume that you will make more than one post per week. Numerous studies have suggested that these are the best times to post on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Thursday is found to be the best day to post on Facebook and Instagram, and the time frame for posting must be between 2 PM and 3 PM.
  • On Wednesday, one must upload content at 11 AM, and on Friday, it must be between 10 and 11 PM.
  • On other days the best time to post on Facebook and Instagram is between 9 AM and 11 AM.

These results are concluded from different studies; that is why it is advised to choose what is best for you, rather than posting at these times. You should research and study yourself first to find the best time to post on your Facebook and Instagram. If you want to succeed on Facebook and Instagram, you must post more than once a week.

Engagement should be your topmost priority.

Every business scenario is different from others, but most businesses prioritize most businesses to engage as much audience as possible on their Facebook and Instagram pages through likes and comments. Recently, people have started adding views, shares, and direct messages to this as well. You can also add some other types of engagements too, such as Facebook Live, Facebook groups, IGTV, and Insta stories. All of this means that there isn’t a permanent definition of engagement. Still, it includes all kinds of interactions from your social media followers or customers of your Insta-biz page.

On average, Facebook and Instagram post gets as many as 5963 likes, this was revealed by a marketing agency, and this is HUGE. Now you’ll be looking at your posts and feeling kind of disillusioned because of this fact. But worry not, because this the number measured from the posts that went viral and were made by influencers. According to another research, the comments received on those posts were nearly 100, which is quite inflated. And if you remove the posts made by influencers, the average number of comments received on Facebook and Instagram falls to four which is quite puzzling.

The difference between content and compelling content

The central fact that we can deduce from the figures, as mentioned earlier, is that there is no use of content that is not compelling. It can also be observed that compelling posts perform greater than those that are not. These posts produce outstanding engagement rates, whereas ordinary content is hardly worth it. Yet, you should add posting times in the mix. You may make effective content, but no one will see it if you share it at the wrong time. So if no one will be seeing what you are posting, the chances are that your engagement rates will go down, resulting in your loss. You might have noticed that in the past, much of the fantastic content was posted on Facebook and Instagram, but it faded away slowly and left no trace behind it because there wasn’t much audience to see that content. This is significantly more pertinent now with the current Facebook and Instagram algorithm.

Research on the perfect time to post on Facebook and Instagram

Multiple organizations and private marketing agencies have investigated this matter for years to find out the best time to post on Facebook and Instagram. Call it natural that they disagree with each other’s research, but some trends are similar in everyone’s study.

Key Considerations while looking for the Best Times to Post

There can be some variety in Facebook and Instagram engagement, even simultaneously of the day on various days of the week. For Instance, you may be astonished to see 5 AM in the research done by agencies. The justifiable reason for this is that people generally have a quick peek at their phones while they wake up for work during the working days. This implies the fact that individuals will more likely have a look at their Facebook and Instagram early in the morning from Monday to Friday rather than on weekends. But even then, on average, you will notice that on Mondays, the engagement rates will be low, as people are racing to their offices and are in a rush, hence little time for a sneak peek on Facebook and Instagram.

You will also notice that some people check their Facebook and Instagram accounts when they are having a break from work, more often at lunch. Likewise, people lose their interest in work in the late afternoon and pick up their phones to check what is new on Facebook and Instagram.

It is okay to follow the schedule posted above. Still, if you are running a specific business and are trying to target a particular audience, you should keep in mind that these times might not be suitable for your audience. This whole article might be irrelevant for your biz-account. If you are running n FB and IG business account, then you must have access to your Facebook and Instagram insights. Open Facebook and Instagram insights, go to the follower’s tab, and you will see information as to when your Facebook and Instagram audience is more active on the social media platform. It is wise that you should post only at those times to get the most out of your account.  Apart from that, you must, at all costs, post frequently on your account, so your material remains fresh all the time. It means that you should try creating two to three posts per day. Avoid posting just photos and develop a mix of post types.

Don’t just focus on selling; instead, provide your audience with the chance to engage with your posts.

 Focus on quality rather than quantity, and you will start seeing results pouring in.

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